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American Legal Group is looking for a Billing Collections Coordinator.


The Billing and Financial Inventory Specialist accounts for monitoring Accounts Receivable and Work in Progress through direct contact and follow up with each assigned partner and client to ensure timely billing and collections pursuant to Firm policy. Also, provides full-service support to attorneys on all billing related functions

Essential Functions:

Ø Responsible for monitoring and collecting outstanding invoices and ensuring Partner promises and commitments are adhered to as related to the billing of their WIP via direct contact and follow-up with each partner and client as assigned and pursuant to Firm policy to ensure timely billing and collections

Ø Research, resolve and propose solutions to partner queries to ensure timely billing of our clients

Ø Confer with billing partners either by telephone or in person via regularly scheduled calls or meetings to determine reason(s) for aged AR & WIP, strategize in an effort to obtain payment and ensure timely billing of WIP

Ø Responsible for ensuring the company is in compliance with the terms of service, client’s outside counsel guidelines or any existing agreements in effect with respect to the client and / or matter

Ø Responsible for gathering, following up with partners, compilation and reporting of WIP statuses as assigned pursuant to the Firm’s billing and collection policy

Ø Responsible for providing any accrual information to partners or clients as assigned or requested

Ø Responsible to maintain and consistently update in detail (date, time, name and title of person spoken to and details of conversation/email) all interactions with a partner or client related to their AR and WIP within the Firm’s Financial Inventory Management Application (‘FIMA’), currently I4G

Ø Actively and consistently update management of any potential collection or WIP issues as related to any partner or client requiring escalation and providing recommendations for resolution

Ø Recommend and timely submit to the Global Director of Client Financial Services any proposed AR or WIP write offs accompanied by the required supporting information and appropriate coding

Ø Work with management to identify, propose and create solutions to recurring issues affecting the Firm’s ability to properly invoice its clients and/or the client’s ability to timely pay our invoices, not limited to developing or revising any existing policies or procedures governing the Firm’s WIP, billing, or credit and collections policies and procedures

Ø Ensure promises & commitments are adhered to by our partners and clients

Ø Research, resolve and propose solutions to client inquiries and disputes to ensure timely payment of our invoices

Ø Generate and/or revise monthly client reminder statements as outlined pursuant to Firm policy and departmental procedures

Ø Consistently update and maintain correct client collections contact information via submission to the Firm’s business intake department and/or in the Financial Inventory Management Application as required, this is the nucleus of the collections process

Ø Coordinate with the billing and cash receipts departments as necessary, assist the cash receipts department with respect to unapplied payments and unapplied credits

Ø Act as the resource to partners and clients in an effort to resolve any issues hindering payment to the Firm or the billing of WIP

Ø Prepares, reviews and distributes, as appropriate, monthly reports for delinquent AR and WIP to partners, clients and Firm management

Ø Provides reports reflecting accounts receivable analyses, aged WIP, Days Sales Outstanding , potential and existing AR and WIP reserves, agreed upon metrics and key performance indicators based on established frequency or as requested by management

Ø Recommends proposed transfers of any accounts to Firm’s collections attorney, including preparing the placement letter for management signature, gathering of all collection activities, client details and any other pertinent documentation, reports or information, diary the same in FIMA

Ø Regularly confers with management to determine status of all pending cases with collections attorney and assist with the production of any additionally requested documentation or information, maintain updated status of respective cases in FIMA

Ø Manages receivables in a manner that metrics meet or exceed the established goals using an analytical approach that is systemized and sustainable

Ø Resolves short paid items and diary information in FIMA

Ø Provides updates to management on an agreed upon frequency in the form of teleconferences and/or face-to-face meetings

Ø Performs assorted tasks as assigned which may include (1) preparing bankruptcy claims, (2) researching and submitting claims for unclaimed property, (3) proposing, setting up and maintaining promissory notes / personal guarantees to ensure client compliance and (4) assist in obtaining and the interpretation of research information/credit reports

Ø Prepares final demand letters for management’s signature to send to clients following approval by the Firm’s General Counsel’s office

Ø Generates and distributes pre-bills, assists with month end processing, drafts correspondence, performs time & expense transfers and edits, generates reports and prepares invoices

Ø Understands fee arrangements, prepares bills for electronic processing, troubleshoots issues and coordinates matter changes as needed

Ø Performs other duties as assigned


Specific Technical Skills:

Ø Must possess strong financial, business, analytical and accounting acumen.

Ø Highly proficient with Microsoft Office, Innovation Software’s I4G 360 and WebDesk applications, must be computer savvy

Ø Possess professional, effective and excellent communication skills, both oral and written

Ø Work and communicate quickly, efficiently and diplomatically with partners, clients and colleagues in the US and non-US regions

Ø Ability to run SQL scripts, experience with Aderant Expert Reporting and Inquiry functions a plus

Ø Ability to multi-task and prioritize assignments in a busy and sometimes stressful environment

Ø Work well and maintain respectful, collegial relationships with all personnel up and down the Firm’s organizational hierarchy

Ø Ability to fulfill and complete job responsibilities in addition to assignment of special projects or requests that may require additional hours be worked in addition to regular business hours

Ø Possess ability to digest and dissect information in order to provide a creative solution(s) or a recommendation(s) when faced with an issue or problem

Ø Maintain flexibility in all approaches to the working environment, tasks, assignments, special projects, advances in technology and furtherance of job knowledge. Continual personal development and utilization of the provided tools to complete assigned job responsibilities

Ø Continual personal development and utilization of the provided tools to complete assigned job responsibilities, i.e. I4G 360, Aderant Expert, Microsoft Excel

Performance Traits:

Ø Ability to gain the confidence and trust of the Firm’s billing attorneys and staff and to display the poise, personality and professionalism necessary to achieve the stated goals

Ø Adept in problem-solving and must be detail oriented

Ø Must be energetic and possess a positive attitude

Ø Must be innovative, self-reliant and possess self-management skills, yet helpful and resourceful to others

Ø Must be tactful, persuasive and present a professional demeanor to all within and outside the Firm at all times

Ø Ability to make sound judgments regarding confidential or sensitive information

Ø Demonstrate ability to meet obligations with confidence, integrity and sensitivity

Ø Demonstrates expertise in all aspects of monitoring assigned partners and clients as related to their AR & WIP


Ø Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in accounting, finance or business

Ø Bilingual, English and Spanish, strongly

Minimum Years of Experience Required:

Ø Minimum 2-4 years of related experience, preferably in law firm environment or other professional service setting

Vision, dental, medical, life insurance,
PTU 1 month.
14 business vacation days
Paid Parking
Salary Up to $ 50,000.00 MXN a month
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Salario 50,000
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