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Senior Marine Engineer

Empresa que publica: Pat Baker Inc

Fecha de Publicación: 2017-Jul-17

Ciudad: Houston


Conduct analytical, environmental, operational, or performance studies in order to develop designs for products, such as marine engines, equipment, and structures.
Design and oversee testing, installation, and repair of marine apparatus and equipment.
Evaluate operation of marine equipment during acceptance testing and shakedown cruises.
Prepare, or direct the preparation of, product or system layouts and detailed drawings and schematics.
Confer with research personnel in order to clarify or resolve problems, and to develop or modify designs.
Investigate and observe tests on machinery and equipment for compliance with standards.
Conduct environmental, operational, or performance tests on marine machinery and equipment.
Determine conditions under which tests are to be conducted, as well as sequences and phases of test operations.
Maintain and coordinate repair of marine machinery and equipment for installation on vessels.
Inspect marine equipment and machinery in order to draw up work requests and job specifications.
Review work requests, and compare them with previous work completed on ships in order to ensure that costs are economically sound.
Maintain contact with, and formulate reports for, contractors and clients in order to ensure completion of work at minimum cost.
Schedule machine overhauls and the servicing of electrical, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, water, and sewage systems.
Supervise other engineers and crewmembers, and train them for routine and emergency duties.
Titulo de Empleo Senior Marine Engineer
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Enviado por Pat Baker Inc
Ciudad Houston
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